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The Press that Inspires Seekers of Transformation

About us: Giant Steps Press is a New York City-based independent press. We publish books that break new ground and inspire new possibilities. 

The common thread in books published by GSP is that their protagonists are inextricably bound up in quests for freedom. Some titles are directly related to music and to seekers of transformation—spiritual, political, psychological, racial or cultural. But invariably, reading these books is an experience in taking a giant step in one’s own quest for freedom. 

Our authors are musicians, performers, composers, reviewers and recent college graduates serving their community with their book projects, and we are pleased to connect viewers to their ongoing events and investigations.

Mission Statement: Giant Steps Press is a trailblazing, creative, independent publisher of books and digital content for seekers of transformation- spiritual, political, psychological, racial, or cultural. Our mission is to inspire authors and readers of all ages and backgrounds to share their diverse voices and experiences; and like the protagonists in their books, encourage them to take a giant step. 

Vision: GSP’s vision is focused on creating a culture where our authors, young interns and experienced publishing team work on a unified front to build the audience & community relevant to each of our book titles.


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