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John Rullo

John Rullo

A graduate of Queens College with a degree in communication arts and a minor in creative writing, John Rullo has spent the last forty-plus years composing and performing songs in rock bands in the New York metropolitan area. Long retired from his day job, he continues to compose and perform music while writing books in his unique blend of irreverent memoir and Socratic inquiry with the same inspiration he’d first found in songwriting. John is currently at work on a new novel entitled, My Counterfeit Life. The father of three grown children, he has six grandchildren and lives on Long Island with his wife, Joann.


Please click the covers to get more information and to purchase:

Planet Love: The End of the World as We Knew It

The Three Extras

Under the Moon and Stars

Comfortably Dumb: Embracing Uncertainty

Beside my four novels, I have music available on digital retail sites, such as I-tunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, etc. Reviews of the books can be seen on the Amazon links. Please feel free to use any of them you wish. My music can be found by searching The Molotov Cocktails “Wake Up Call” and Johnny Rules.


Christmas Rules

By John Rullo

Ruled by Love

By John Rullo

The Molotov Cocktails “Wake Up Call”

Johnny Rules


Planet Love 

By John Rullo

Preaching to the Choir   

By The Molotov Cocktails

Picture It   

By The Molotov Cocktails

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