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William Seaton

William Seaton


William Seaton is a poet, translator and critic, the author of Spoor of Desire: Selected Poems and Dada Poetry: An Introduction as well as  include Tourist Snapshots and Cold Water.   His work has appeared in many literary journals (among them ChelseaMad Blood, and Maintenant) and anthologies (such as RiverineLiberty’s Vigil, and Brownstone Poets).   He has read his poetry widely in New York and California as well as in Kathmandu, London, Prague, and Budapest.


Seaton follows Ezra Pound, Kenneth Rexroth, and Paul Blackburn in combining the scholarly study of past literature with involvement in contemporary avant-garde practices and grass roots non-academic poetry scenes.  He has long been active in spoken word and mixed media art events beginning with happenings in the sixties and continuing with participation in the Cloud House guerilla poetry group in seventies San Francisco and more recent experimental programs under the title Surreal Cabaret. 


He produced the long-running Poetry on the Loose Reading/Performance Series in New York’s Hudson Valley and headed the Northeast Poetry Society’s College of Poetry.  He was associated as well with the Seligmann Center for the Arts where he presented lectures, readings, and a variety of performance art programs. 


Educated in the University of Illinois’ English Department and the University of Iowa’s Comparative Literature Program, he has taught in a variety of settings including Brooklyn, a New York State prison, and the Nigerian bush on levels from preschool through graduate courses. 

Seaton maintains a largely literary blog at


Please click the covers to get more information and to purchase:

Planetary Motions

Spoor of Desire: Selected Poems

Dada Poetry: An Introduction

Tourist Snapshots

CC Marimbo is out of print, though a few copies remain available from the author.  You can contact him at

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